M O R P H O L   S C O W L

Me and Mike are showing some drawings in group show Morphol Scowl along side some great artists. The opening night is Friday April 11th 6 - 10pm, Piccadilly Place M1 3BN, Manchester. The show is open for a week. Hope you can come ! Thanks to Jon Pilkington and Brian Mountford for organising the show. *Below image by Jon Pilikington*


I N D E X   C R B

I got new drawings in INDEX a book and show curated by the mighty Cafe Royal Books. It launches on April 1st 5 til 7 at the University of  Central Lancashire in the Hanover Building. The show runs through from monday to the friday 2nd - 11th. Check out more details here


I R M A  V E P    D E E P  S E A  F I S H

I drew a bald mermaid for my good friend, mega man Edwin Stevens and his music project Irma Vep. So excited to be a part of it. Listen / buy here it will blow your mind  ▶ Deep Sea Fish | Endless

Hot Cheddar, hot shit, hot off the press >>>



By  A  W O M A N  A N D  A  R O D E N T
Me and Mike made this A5 envelope with 7 green master fold riso prints inside. email if you would like one.

At all is paint and tapes, spread you that jam and cut that butter thin with a wobbling hat. The time is ok for you but a bad symbol for Motor Man.  You have to play fold and the summer is round all the houses. Call Brown, I dont know and my baseball jacket and motorcycle helmet Bill.


S P R - S T R C T R  1. 2

I got a comic in the latest Super Structure thanks to the mega Francois De Jonge. Its by a man painting. I draw a house, its ok. House has only one side. No one lives there. It is wet. I grow walls. These tools are useless. I don't like my tools. A man asks about my garden. 'Can i ask about your garden?' I put him in it. He likes looking at my drawings from there. I make him a bench. We work. We build. We smoke. A dog moves in.


hey friend, 
A W A A R  I S  O N L I N E 

O O Z I N G  S L I M  B Y  A  W O M A N  A N D  A  R O D E N T 

A show by me and mike in a building in Antwerp at a festival called Graiffix in year 2013. 



buddy / sherbet 


SPR - STRCTR IS ON ! me and mike, flat and wrapped in cling film in bottom middle.

A woman and a rodent will be here in flat form / Think this just started / google translate